La Belle d'Venice

!! La Belle d’Venice

Aspect: ‘Accepted in the highest levels of Venetian Society’.

More than a simple escort agency, ‘La Belle’ provides traditional old style courtesans to accompany the very rich who visit Venice and require companionship. Beautiful and elegant, the ladies are also talented in music poetry and art, as well as being accepted in the highest levels of Venitian society.

Amongst its courtesans are the white court vampires Isabel, Sylia and Cossette, all of whom were present and signed the contract passing 25% of the company to Don Joseph Tormelli (Episode 6: Why Why Why).

Rachelle Lenco joined La Belle D’Venice after embracing her ‘gift’ during the kidnapping at Clotilde Courau’s apartment (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences).

La Belle d'Venice

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