Nina DaCosta

Ectoscopic shop assistant


ecroscope Waitress → Necroscope Shop Assistant


Aspect: ‘Converse with the Dead’.
‘Goth Chick with Style’.

In her early twentys, Gina is a goth style, black haired, young girl with a very special talent. Whether it is simply she is haunted by all ghosts, or whether she is some form of magic practitioner, is something still under discussion at the council. The results of which may radically determine the direction of her life.

She lives in a small apartment in the ghetto district of Venice, and works as a waitress in a cafe in St. Marks square (Episode 1: The Death of Love), as well as taking temporary jobs at balls, dinners and similar events.

Later she is hired by Dolores Alegra Malspina to work in the Ponte Antico Shop (Episode 4: Its Never Black or White), where in addition to serving customers she communicates with the myriad of ghosts including Uncle Guilio and Claudia De Tisi Mortinengo. Both Gina Tortelli and Dolores Alegra Malspina note she has taken to wearing an unusual black enamel choker which she tells Gina she inherited from her uncle (Episode 5: Old Debts, Old Friends).

A new pair of shoes as well a new dress show that she is financially much better off working at the shop ((Episode 6: Why Why Why).

Back in her goth ‘finest’ but still wearing the black enamel choker, Nina and Gina Tortelli went to the Dark Cross nightclub (Episode 7:Recollections of the Dead). Where Nina became very drunk and had to be helped home by Gina, who despite certain looks from Nina did not stay the night.

Nina admits to spending time with Umberto Epifano and having got Claudia DeTisi Mortinengo’s collar from him. She also seems to have met Xaviera Giansante (Episode 8:Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know).

With Dolores Alegra Malspina wanting to know about the death of Inspector Masa Ursetta Nina gets Luca Porrini to get her into the morgue to see and talk to the body (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences). There she gets the details of the incident from the dead mans ghost. She laters accompanys the others to the Dark Cross nightclub, where she meets Orso Tamori who appears to note her though she cannot remember meeting him. She turns an ankle after leaving the club, in the general pursuit of Svetlana Korai. Having summoned Gina Tortelli to the shop she ‘banks’ the wish for some later fashion assistance.

Dolores Alegra Malspina spots that Nina is acting as a waitress at the exhibition (Episode 10:Pictures at an Exhibition), something she only barely seems to remember afterwards.

Nina DaCosta

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