Venice The design Specs

Venice:The Design Specs

Listed below is the basic information we generated when we brainstormed the design of the city which will be the basis for the campaign. I will point out now any resemblance to the real Venice, or real history is entirely accidental! Many of the events and locations noted in the adventures exist, but not neccesarily with the slant I have put on them.

Themes and Aspects
  • More tourists than residents.
  • City of Commerce (everything is for sale).
  • Masks cover a multitude of sins.
  • Everybody has a hidden agenda.
  • Venice is sinking.
  • Everyone looks forward to carnival.
  • Neutral ground for the Vampire courts.
  • Old debts always become due.
Who cares about the city

Organised Crime.

Black Court Vampires.

Who wants to rock the Boat.


Academics / Archaeologists.

Notable Locations

Ca’Rezzonica The Museum of Masks.

The island not on anyone’s map.

The Tower room.

Botanical Gardens.

Isle of the Dead.

Salute The late night cafe where no-one knows your name.

Under the bridge.

Emporium of Curios.

Venice The design Specs

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