Shadow Sisters

Three year winner of the least effective occult society in Venice.

Amongst the known members are Carla Spina, Luisa Mancuso, Rosabella Veccitone, Letzia Salvail, Vitorio Drago, Calandra Fonda, Rossella Nicolosi, Elena Raimondi, Letizia da Forli and Bibianna Falco.

A loosely affiliated group of young woman, more into goth chique than anything else. It appears there is some history between them and Nina DaCosta, (Episode 7: Recollections of the Dead).

Nina DaCosta reluctantly eplains that the Shadow Sisters are a form of ‘sorority’ (most are present or former students at Venice universitys) and are distinguished by the Gothic Cross tattoo they all have (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences). According to her they are wannabe wizards who ‘practice’ rituals which never work. Bibianna Falco is identified as a member when she is seen in an alleyway being fed upon by Orso Tamori. Later that week they gather in the tower room to banish the spectre of Vico Malvera, but their ritual is spolied by Roberto Malvera (and the fact they have no magical talent).

Shadow Sisters

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