A burlesque dance troupe based in Venice, there first performance was at the Police Charity Ball (Episode 5: Old Debts, Old Friends). Svetlana Korai was one of the first dancers hired for the group. On the back of that the group where engaged to perform at the Hotel Italia, as well as several parties.

Based on their local notoriety the group where hired for the parade of masks each day at the Italian pavilion during La Biennale (Episode 6: Why Why Why). They also got a one night slot to perform on one of the cruise ships visiting Venice.

Masquerade are contracted to perform on the SS Ocean Gaze when it arrives at Venice over the weekend (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences). They are performing their new ‘Birds of Paradise’ routine, with masks by Malspina’s.

Other members of the group include Rachelle Lenco, Celia Barbi, Carmela da Mosto, Concetta Polani, Abiella Kiraneau and Clotilde Courau.


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