Tag: were-creature


  • Coral

    !! Coral Attach:coral.jpg She watched [[Gina Tortelli]], [[Lucia Tortelli]] and [[Caprice DeTisi]] when they entered the [[Dark Cross]] nightclub (Episode 8:[[Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know]]). Coral visits the [[Ponte Antico shop]], and after …

  • Johanna Krantz

    Guest at the Duke of Milan's Ball, she spent time talking to [[Dolores Alegra Malspina]] (Episode 15: [[For When the Time is Right]]). Ended up fortified in a room with various members of [[Masquerade]] when the bloodshed started.

  • Guiselle Courtoire

    Initially noticed due to the fact she was the only waitress at the Duke of Milans ball lunch buffet wearing gloves (Episode 15:[[For When the Time is Right]]). Her feline grace marked her out as someone a little different, which was highlighted when she …