Tag: Undead


  • Bettina Mortinengo

    Undead Courtesan Aspects: ''Only half the woman she was'' Niece to [[Ilario Mortinenego]] she was murdered by him in the late 19th century. [[Dolores Alegra Malspina]], [[Gina Tortelli]] and [[Luca Porrini]] arrived in her Nevernever bedroom by …

  • Shawn Little

    Shawn Little Re-animated bodygaurd Aspect: ''Dead Man Walking'' Part of the security detail who accompanied [[Devon Garrett]] on her visit to the [[Ponte Antico shop]] (Episode 6: [[Why Why Why]])

  • Rosamund

    Rosamund, Gepid Princess Attach:rosamnd.jpg Daughter of King Cunimind of the Gepids (6th century) who was killed by King Albion and whose skull was made into the [[Cup of Cunimind]]. This and the fact that she was subsequently married to King Albion …