Tag: Tormelli


  • Delphina Tormelli

    Delphina Tormelli Daughter of [[Don Joseph Tormelli]], she entered the Venice beauty pageant several years ago but lost to [[Gisella Capardi]] (Episode 5: [[Old Debts, Old Friends]]). She was seen by [[Luca Porrini]] and [[Dolores Alegra Malspina …

  • Don Joseph Tormelli

    Don Joseph Tormelli Aspect: 'The Man in Venice'. Principal of the local mafia organisation, he is a gentleman, but one you would not want to cross. Amongst his buisness interests in the city is the Casino d'Venicia, and he wishes to take control of …

  • Vivienne

    Vivienne Mermaid Aspect: 'Ethereal Beauty'. Consort of [[Don Joseph Tormelli]], she is an elegant and beautiful woman. Although it turns out she is in fact a mermaid, and the daughter of [[Catarina]], (Episode 6: [[Why Why Why]]). [[Dolores …

  • Stefania Quaglia

    Stefania Quaglia Attach:stefania.jpg PA and secretary to [[Don Joseph Tormelli]] she works in his legitimate downtown office; she greeted [[Luca Porrini]] on his visit there (Episode 8:[[Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know]].