Tag: The Swarm


  • It's Never Black or White

    h4. Part One In the Wagner dining room of the Casino d'Venicia on the Grand Canal, [[Luca Porrini]] is taking dinner with [[Cossette]], luckily, given the expense, she is paying. Seductively she draws his attention to a woman in a green dress and …

  • Donna

    Donna Attach:donna.jpg Aspects: 'Non-human biology' 'Enhanced Pheromones' Given that her red dress now seems to be the property of a well fed [[Nerina]], she is in all likelyhood deceased, a victm of the night purge after the attack on …

  • Francesca

    Aspects: 'Non-human biology' 'Enhanced Pheromones' The Swarm was defeated during [[It's Never Black or White | It's Never Black or White]]