Uncle Guilio

Dolores' s dead mentor

Uncle Guilio

Spectral Maskmaker

Aspect: ‘’Annoying sense of timing’’.

Nina DaCosta tells Dolores Alegra Malspina that Uncle Guilio was murdered by the man in the panama hat and white linen suit who was asking about the treasure of the last doge Ludovico Mannin. (Episode 1: The Death of Love).

She later expands on this, translating his explanation that he drowned and wa struck by an underwater rowboat (Episode 4: It’s Never Black or White).

The ghostly relative then explains, via Nina again, he is stuck as a ghost until he has a) a Death Mask and b) has passed all his knowledge on to Dolores (Episode 6: Why Why Why).

Apparantly he gave the Black enamel choker to Nina DaCosta (Episode 8:Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know).

Asked by Nina DaCosta where the new painting in the Ponte Antico shop’s living room came from he refused to answer. (Episode 9: Everything has consequences).

Uncle Guilio

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