Raul deTisi

Experimental Anthropolgy Professor


Raul deTisi
Experimental Anthropology Professor

Aspects: “Well its worth a try”

Professer of anthropolgy at Venice Ca’Foscari university. He was first encountered in the underground section of an old fortress on Isola de Vignole in the mouth of the Venice lagoon, where he along with several colleagues were attempting some practical anthropology and using a reconstruction of an ancient plate to summon Garros (Episode 3: Calamari). He was recognised by Dr Helen Magnus who lambasted him over his actions, especially when he succeded! He survived the ordeal although it did open a few job opportunitys in his department!

Some time later Raul deTisi was encountered at the art exhibition conjured by Mab arguing with Dr Helen Magnus over the anatomical accuracy of a squid in a picture (Episode 10: Pictures at an Exhibition).

When the Cup of Cunimind was stolen from his office, Professor de Tisi employed Luca Porrini to retrieve it (Episode 12: Whats New Pussycat).

Raul deTisi

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