Don Joseph Tormelli

A simple businessman with many friends.


Don Joseph Tormelli

Aspect: ‘The Man in Venice’.

Principal of the local mafia organisation, he is a gentleman, but one you would not want to cross. Amongst his buisness interests in the city is the Casino d’Venicia, and he wishes to take control of La Belle d’Venice (Episode 4: It’s Never Black or White).

He later signed a contract giving him 25% of La Belle d’Venice at the Greek pavilion during the La Biennale (Episode 6: Why Why Why), after watching the floorshow at the Italian Pavlion with his daughter Delphina Tormelli. He also invited Masquerade back to the Casino d’Venicia for dinner, which provided them both with a degree of publicity.

Luca Porrini met with him after having been approached by Catarina in the hope of getting her daughter Vivienne back from him. He did not turn down the request, instead requesting a re-negotiation under the oversight of the arbiter (Gina Tortelli) (Episode 8:Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know)

Don Joseph Tormelli

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