Delphina Tormelli

Don Tormelli's Daughter


Delphina Tormelli

Daughter of Don Joseph Tormelli, she entered the Venice beauty pageant several years ago but lost to Gisella Capardi (Episode 5: Old Debts, Old Friends).

She was seen by Luca Porrini and Dolores Alegra Malspina attending the floorshow at the Italian Pavilion of La Biennale with him (Episode 6: Why Why Why).

Luca Porrini learned from Mario the Juggler she is Vivienne’s child and despite appearances is only eight or nine years old (Episode 7: Recollections of the Dead).

She bought the Death Mask Of Fina DeTisi Malspina from the Ponte Antico shop just prior to the Ca’Rezzonica benefactors ball (Episode 8:Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know). Dolores Alegra Malspina managed a quick chat with her at the ball where she was wearing the mask, and was a little concened it may be affecting her personality and that Mistress was seen leaving with a man Delphina had shown interest in.

Delphina Tormelli

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