Black Court Vampire Sculptress


!! Delilah (Delilah Veronica Franco)
Black Court Vampire Sculptress



A slender, elegant, and mysterious figure.

It becomes apparant that she is responsible for the sculptures attributed to Miss Hedgi Lamar (Episode 6: Why Why Why), and resdies somewhere within Dante Court. She comes into conflict with the Red Queen and their battle is settled by the intervention of Gina Tortelli and Luca Porrini. In payment for this she helps them get Rachelle Lenco to safety, and discreetly ensures Maria Tortelli gets a position at Miss Hedgi Lamar’s sculpture studio.

Research turms up the fact that Delilah was present in Venice during the signing of the treatys in the 15th/16th century (Episode 8: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know).

Destroyed in the explosion at Miss Hedgi Lamar’s studio , her remains were identified by DNA comparison with a sample held by her doctor. Luca Porrini learned from her medical records her full name, address (a palazio on the canal front) and the fact her next of kin was a lawyers practice in Rome (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences).

It finally became apparent to Dolores Alegra Malspina that Delilah was originally Delilah Veronica Franco a noted 15th century courtesan (Episode 12: Whats New Pussycat).

There is evidence that Delilah is not a Vampire at all, (or no longer one) but instead using magic to move between bodies she creates.



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