White Court Vampire Courtesan


Aspects: ‘’White Court Vampire Courtesan’‘.
’’Sly and Seductive’’.

A beautiful vampire with pale, almost alabaster skin, she is charming, sinister and persuasive in equal measures. Attributes which Luca Porrini finds ‘’severly enchanting’’ (Episode 1: The Death of Love).

She later persuades Luca to deal with the drone problem in Venice (Episode 4: Its Never Black or White), by the end of which his relationship with Svetlana Korai has apparantly given him some resistance to her charms. This however slips when she visits him and offers a partnership when his position as Champion of the City becomes known (Episode 6:Why Why Why), and he ends up in ‘’the palm of her hand’’.


After identifying Vico Malvera from his description to Dolores Alegra Malspina and Luca Porrini she took him home on a private boat in the ‘company of’ a semi naked Rachelle Lenco (Episode 7:Recollections of the Dead).

Luca Porrini meets her for lunch, to enquire about the upcoming move of Rachelle Lenco from Masquerade to La Belle D’Venice and is suitably molified by her answers (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences). In turn she asks him to look in to the painting of a cottage and garden somebody broke in and left on her wall. He of course agrees. She later joins the assault (wearing a white catsuit) on Clotilde Courau’s apartment to rescue the Masquerade dancers being held there by Damian Petra.


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