Assistant to a Master Black Court Vampire


Aspect: ‘’Warped Human’’

She ‘escorted’ Luca Porrini, Dolores Alegra Malspina and Gina Tortelli to meet with Serpentine. Slim and elegant, she is rarely seen not wearing her mini-skirted buisness suit, high heels and dark glasses. There are however exceptions, such as her attendance (accompanying Serpentine) at the Spring Ball in a flowing black dress and diamond studded black mask (as seen above) (Episode 1: The Death of Love). It was at this ball she was one of three who came to the rescue of Nina DaCosta, and later, back in her normal outfit, came to tell Luca Porrini that Serpentine owed him a favour.

Despite not being connected to either party (or because of it) she chaired the meeting between the White Court Vampire Courtesans and Don Joseph Tormelli (Episode 6: Why Why Why).

She arrived at the Ponte Antico shop to deliver the message; “Why?” to Dolores Alegra Malspina from Serpentine, rushing away when Dolores told her about the Headhunters (Episode 11: [[Who Hunts the Hunter?]].


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