Chesko Barbini

Rich retired Tenis Pro and Serial Divorcee



Aspects: ‘Lover of Women’
‘On the look-out for another ex Mrs Barbini’

In his mid 40’s, Chesko is a former professional tennis player, who despite three failed marriages is still utilising his wealth to tour europe in search of pleasure.

Present with Gina Tortelli at the gallery, he accompanied her as they wandered the halls, and it was his gentle seduction which led her behind one of the curtains where they spent intimate time with Calandra Fonda and Flavio Spina (Episode 10: Pictures at an Exhibition).

Chesko was spotted by Luca Porrini having dinner with a young lady who wore a large amount of jewellry (Episode 12:Whats New Pussycat). He managed to get a photo of the two and saw them depart at the end of the evening in a private boat.

Chesko Barbini

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