Caprice DeTisi

Friend of Gina's sister


Florentine Historian


She met Lucia Tortelli on the train from Milan to Venice and was invited to spend the night at the apartment she shared with her sister Gina Tortelli. Despite reservations she also went out to the Dark Cross club with them in an outfit the like of which she had never worn before. (Episode 8: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know. Getting very drunk, and being moderately ‘attentive to him’ she gave her card to Xaviera Giansante, the following morning, like the two sisters, she had a green tint to her eyes.

Nina DaCosta spotted her in the Dark Cross nightclub wearing a 1920s outfit and talking with Xaviera Giansante. Gina Tortelli went over to talk to her about the incident at the university (Episode 9: Everything has Consequences. She later phoned her to check where she got the 1920s outfit from (Marla Grimani).


Caprice DeTisi

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